Doodling in the Margins

Do your kids doodle in the margins of their schoolwork, like mine?  Before you tell them to stop it, ponder this – Thomas Edison was known to be an “inveterate doodler“, so is Bill Gates, and according to psychologists doodling is a strategy used by many people to keep their brains “on task”, in other words, doodling helps you pay attention!  Better that we encourage those creative energies, and next month Warren Art Spot on Child Street is offering kids age 5 to 12 the chance to turn those doodles into something more, in Cartoons I and Cartoons II with Jim Bush, professional artist and cartoonist:  

“In this 4-week workshop we will explore comics, caricatures and learn cartooning techniques to create our own panels and strips.  Students will draw using pencils, pens, markers, ink and paints.  Bring your imagination!”

Registration form is available on their website.  Warren Art Spot is also offering a handful of other classes this fall, along with a few more Open Studio Saturdays through December.

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