Fitting It In

So, I’ve been trying to get downtown to the Bristol Art Gallery for a few weeks now, ever since I read about their current exhibit, “BOO!”  Halloween is a big deal around my house, especially for my eldest and me, so I knew this would be a great opportunity for us to enjoy an art show together.  The wrench in the mix – now that school’s in full swing, the weekends seem to fly by, full of swim classes and soccer games and play rehearsals and birthday parties (not to mention, homework!), and we keep arriving at Sunday night wherein I realize I didn’t get us to the gallery, again!  And then it occurred to me (in a forehead-slapping V8 kind of moment) – we could go during the week!  And so we did …

Oh, it was excellent!  They’ve put together a good mixture of oils, acrylics, photography and other 2-d media, and 3-d pieces as well, both ceramics and other sculpture.  I didn’t think there was anything nightmare-inducing here; I brought my eldest, but I think my younger child would have liked it, too.  Every kid is unique, so if you’re not sure, just pop-in and check it out ahead of time. 

Bottom line, if your kids are into spooky and creepy, then take them to this exhibit before it vanishes after Halloween.  It runs through October 31st – and they’ve got two special events planned for Halloween weekend.  On Saturday, October 30th, starting at 6pm, the gallery is hosting a Closing Reception for adults, where you can have a glass of refreshment, perhaps meet an artist or two, and even peek into your future with a guest fortune-teller.  On Sunday, October 31st, beginning at 5pm, it’s the kiddos turn, when the gallery invites families to their Cultural Halloween Family Night, complete with spooky music, creepy gallery ghouls, Gothic decor, and art-themed goodies to take home!  Admission is free and costumes are welcome!  All children must be accompanied by an adult.  Click here for more information.

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