Snow Day

“Wooooo-ooooo!                                                                             Wild, whirling wind                                                                  Crashes limbs to lines.                                                                    Lights dance. Flick-a-lick.                                                            Lights die. Flick-a-floooo.                                                                Snow day, fierce snow day.”

-excerpted from Snow Day by Lynn Plourde

Last night at around 10pm the power went out here at home.  My husband and I tiptoed around the house flicking switches to ‘off’ so we wouldn’t be startled awake if the power returned in the middle of the night.  My eldest appeared at his door, asking for a flashlight to keep by his bedside.  I was able to find the electric company’s power outage telephone number (a shocker – no pun intended) and my husband called on his cell phone as I checked on our youngest, still asleep as the storm raged on outside.  The whole thing lasted only about fifteen minutes, but I was reminded of the youthful excitement of a snowy night and the promise of a snow day in the morning …

Today there was a lazy pajama morning, and then playing in the snow, digging and tumbling and sliding and building and tromping and eating!  Then peeling off dripping layers of snow-wet clothes, and snacking, movies, Wii, books, drawing, and a lazy leftovers dinner.  The wind is roaring outside the house now as we get ready for bed, and I won’t jinx myself by uttering aloud my tree limb worries … instead I’m off to read a bedtime story, Snow Day, a perennial favorite in our house (especially on a night like this).  How did you spend your snow day?

You can buy a copy of Snow Day by Lynn Plourde at A Novel Idea Booksellers on State Street in Bristol, or request a copy to be picked up at your local library using your Ocean State Libraries card.

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