Top Ten Reasons…

…why the Bodacious Bee 3 is the hottest ticket in town!

10. It’s a spelling bee for adults, which means we get to enjoy a fun night out with our peers, for a change.

9. Wine, and other cocktails.  Because I can only think of three circumstances that aren’t made even better by a nice glass of wine.

8. Dinner from Leo’s Ristorante – mmmm, barbecue!

7. You can free your inner starlet and walk the red carpet (really!)

6. Master of Ceremonies Tony Morettini brings the hilarious play-by-play commentary –  and I hear there’s a ‘Jumbotron’ this year.

5. Silliness abounds, especially in the form of team costumes.  Last year my son’s school principal dressed as a fuzzy bumblebee, complete with stinger.  I wonder if someone will figure out a way to channel Lady Gaga this year?

4. A little healthy competition should make for an exciting night – there’s quite a bit of buzz among the teams to take down two-time champ, Wicked Natural.

3. There’s a live auction and a raffle.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for the ‘Alayne White Private Spa Package For Two’ described as “a Sunday of pampering with almost five hours each of our most prized services, and lunch, an $800 value”.  Yes, please.

2. Rumor has it ticket-holders will get to take home a goody bag full of … you’ll have to just wait and see, but it’s not called a GOODy bag for nothin’!

1. The debut of a documentary short film featuring current foundation grants in action in our Bristol-Warren schools.

After all, the funds raised from this fun-filled event support the educational enrichment grants awarded by the Bristol Warren Education Foundation.  The BWEF is an independent, non-profit organization of community volunteers committed to promoting novel approaches to student development that are outside the scope of existing school budgets.  Through fundraising events and donations from individuals and businesses, BWEF provides grants to teachers and staff for innovative, high-quality programs that enhance and enrich our students’ educational experience.  During the 2010 grant cycle alone the BWEF awarded over $23,000 in grants to programs in every elementary school in the district, and at both Kickemuit Middle School and Mt. Hope High School.

One of those programs was Mt. Hope High School art teacher Kathleen Dwyer’s “Stone Guardians” project.  The grant allowed Mrs. Dwyer to present a new and innovative project and to provide art supplies to her students, supplies that went over and above the usual expendables she has to buy each year with her limited budget.  Researching traditional Korean stone guardians, students were tasked with designing, sculpting, and glazing a meaningful clay figure to represent their own stone guardian.  Some of her students had never even held a lump of clay in their hands before this project!  Watching her students work, Mrs. Dwyer realized that if she could let go of her original vision of the project and let her students take the lead, the kids would likely get more out of the experience and the project would result in better outcomes for them all – and that’s just what happened.  By giving her students greater autonomy over the process, they took ownership of the project and created deeply meaningful pieces of art, as evidenced by their actual stone guardians and their accompanying reflective writing pieces.  And Mrs. Dwyer feels she learned more and deepened her own knowledge base, and truly grew as an educator over the course of the Stone Guardian project.

And that’s just one of the dozens of inspiring projects made possible by the Bristol Warren Education Foundation through the support of generous and dedicated people in our communities.  Right now teachers are submitting grant proposals for innovative projects and programs they hope to bring to our children in the upcoming school year, and the money raised at the Bodacious Bee will help fund those proposals.  So buy a ticket!  Whether you’re coming for the fun or the philanthropy (or both) – you’re sure to have a good time!

This year’s Bodacious Bee will take place on Friday, March 18th at the spacious Roger Williams University Field House, One Old Ferry Road in Bristol.  Doors will open at 6PM and the program starts at 7PM.  Tickets are $50 and MUST be purchased in advance, and are on sale through Friday, March 11th in Bristol at Paper Packaging & Panache on Hope Street and Gil’s Appliances on Metacom Avenue, and in Warren at The Gob Shop on Main Street and Dish on Water Street.

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