Spring Workshops at Just Dance!

This week we’re happy to welcome another local dance studio to The Arts Room: Just Dance!

Sherry Winn, former Co-Owner/Director of Center Stage Dance Studio in Somerset, MA, proudly announces her new dance studio, Just Dance! located at 426 Fitness in Warren, RI.  Sherry has 34 years of dance experience and is a mother of three children who understands how precious each child is and treats every child as if they were her own. Sherry is a certified in all areas of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, acrobatics as well as cardio dance. Sherry also has her certification in Personal Training, Kids & Teen fitness, T’ai Chi, Water Rowing and Pilates.

Sherry tells us, “the dance studio and the gym are a great partnership.”  You do not have to be a member of 426 Fitness to enroll at the dance studio (but what a plus to be able to workout nearby while your child is at dance class!). 

Just Dance! will be hosting a Hip Hop workshop with NYC choreographer Dister Rondon on Saturday, April 9th at 12pm.  The workshop is open to all ages, and Sherry is excited to bring this opportunity to our community.  “It will really appeal to people who want to enhance their dance experience and knowledge or just have fun. It’s an opportunity to come out and try Hip Hop without making a big commitment.”  Click the flyer to learn more about the spring workshops being offered, and to find out more about Just Dance! you can view their information on our Dance page.

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