An invitation

There’s an intriguing event coming up this week.  The Bristol Warren Education Foundation has organized Success 2020, a ‘business after hours’ with Angus Davis at 195 Franklin in Bristol on Thursday, May 19th at 6pm.  Mr. Davis – tech entrepreneur, Swipely founder, and education reformer – is scheduled to speak about the impact of public education on the local economy.  The East Bay Newspapers recently published an interesting profile of Mr. Davis; at one point he says, “Let there be no mistake: the system we have today is designed perfectly for the results we are achieving.”  I’ve long believed that the public school system is standing in its own way, and I’d like to hear what Mr. Davis has to say.  I’d like to have a conversation about the notion that encouraging arts-learning opportunities in our public schools will not only improve our children’s education, but can also strengthen our local economy by building audience for our local arts professionals.  This is one of the founding ideas behind the creation of The Arts Room.  I’d also like to get a taste, quite literally, of 195 Franklin – a gourmet supper club, open only twice a month?  Talk about intriguing!

But I’ve got a schedule conflict, so unless I can figure out how to be in two places at once, I’m going to miss out.  The fact is, I can’t go to every arts-related event in Bristol and Warren (did I ever think I could?).  So I’m taking this opportunity to extend an invitation – if you are among the guests at Thursday night’s event and would like to share your impressions of the evening (especially if the subject of the arts comes up) with the readers of The Arts Room, write us!  You can comment directly on this post, or send an email through the Contact Us page.

One thought on “An invitation”

  1. Thank-you Kristen. As always your info is timely and important. I just added myself to the guest list.

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