Inspiring Aspirations & Hopeful Thinking

I just wasn’t feeling it this week; there was just too much getting in the way – spring colds and strep throat, the hectic nature of the waning school year, these relentless gray skies! And the ever-present doubt that wonders, “What the heck am I even doing with this blog, anyway?” 

Then I happened upon Ms. Adora Svitak, by the grace of TED and the Internet.  And listening to her speak reminded me exactly what I’m doing; she lifted me up out of these moody blues.  Gray skies be damned, I say!  I’m dwelling in “inspiring aspirations and hopeful thinking”

2 thoughts on “Inspiring Aspirations & Hopeful Thinking”

  1. “the audacity to imagine!” YES…that’s what kids can teach us…even those who are not prodigies! Thanks for making a stormy night, one full of hope! Loved listening to Adora! denise

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