Take a Peek

The school year may be winding down, but tonight at the Bristol Warren Education Foundation’s 1st Annual Grant Award Celebration, we got a peek at some great opportunities in store for our kids come September.  The BWEF was able to fund the grant proposals submitted by teachers from all six of our local public schools, for a total award of $33,500 that will bring enriching learning experiences in the arts, sciences, and other disciplines to our children next year.  Some arts-focused highlights:

  • We were so thrilled with this past year’s Stone Guardians project, so we’re pleased to learn that art students at Mt. Hope High School will have the chance to express themselves through clay next year thanks to the ‘Stories in Clay’ grant.
  • In music class next year at Kickemuit Middle School, all students will have the chance to learn about Chinese music and culture through the ‘Making Cultural Connections’ grant.
  • Students at Colt Andrews Elementary School and Guiteras Elementary School will also have the opportunity to explore Chinese culture when they’re treated to an author visit by Grace Lin, author of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and several other award-winning children’s books, thanks to the ‘Bridge Across Cultures’ grant.
  • At Rockwell Elementary School, the ‘Christmas Carol’ grant will enrich students’ literary learning by integrating theater with language arts.
  • The ‘Physics of Music Making’ grant will bring the RI Philharmonic program to third-graders at Hugh Cole Elementary School for an integrated, hands-on learning experience in both the science and music of sound.

The Arts Room wishes to extend our heartfelt thanks to the BWEF, and all those who support them, for the work they do to help our local teachers bring these enriching opportunities to our children; and to our teachers as well, for your innovative and determined efforts to offer exceptional learning experiences to our children.  The full list of grants awarded for the 2011-2012 school year can be seen on the Bristol Warren Education Foundation website.

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