pick of the week: Art al Fresco

When was the last time you came upon something so striking it literally took your breath away?  For me, it was last week, on the lower level of the Rogers Free Library in Bristol.  I had just shepherded my children out of the Children’s Library and we were heading for the stairs to the main floor when I saw it: birch trees in three, a beautiful artwork hanging at the end of the hallway.  It actually stopped me in my tracks. 

That’s one of the wonderful mysterious things about art, the way you can connect with a piece on such an individual, intimate level.  Someone else might walk right past these birch trees, completely unaffected.  I want to buy this piece, I want to see it every day, I want to rearrange my house to make a place for it to live. 

This is just one of the reasons why I love to visit art galleries – you never know what’s waiting for you just around the corner.  This weekend the gallery experience moves outside, when the Bristol Art Museum hosts its annual Art al Fresco, on the fence in front of Linden Place on Hope Street in Bristol, Sunday July 31st from 10am ’til 4pm

Perhaps you’ll stumble upon a piece that takes your breath away …

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