A weekend for lovers

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It’s a weekend for theatre-lovers here in Bristol & Warren.  Thursday night, November 17th is opening night for the Mt. Hope Masqueraders’ production of “The Man Who Came to Dinner”, the 1939 comedy hit by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart.  The play is about a man who slips on a doorstep and breaks his hip on his way into a dinner party, and the hilarity that ensues as the imperious and arrogant man proceeds to take over the house while he convalesces.  We can’t wait to see what our young thespians, under the direction of theatre educator Carol Schlink, will do with their production!

This Thursday also marks the official opening night of 2nd Story Theatre’s special holiday event, “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott, adapted by Bob Colonna.  I was fortunate to catch a preview show this past Sunday and can easily recommend the play.  The charming production is a welcome escape from the fast-approaching hectic holiday season, and I left the theatre reminded of the truly important things in life – family, friends, love, and hope.  The cast is wonderful, though I especially enjoyed Elise Arsenault’s delightfully acerbic portrayal of Aunt March, and Allison Crews’ quietly passionate turn as the adult Meg.  Sara D’Angelos, as Young Jo, was truly the star of the show in my eyes, and I thank her for her endearing portrayal of a beloved literary character!  Give yourself an early holiday gift and bring your mother, your sisters, your daughters and dear friends to this heartwarming production of a well-loved classic.  Performances run through December 11th; for more details, visit our Theatre page or go directly to 2nd Story’s website.

If heartwarming stories aren’t your cup of tea you’re in luck – 2nd Story is pulling double-duty and offering another play, “The Suitors” by Jean Racine, translated by Richard Wilbur.  The production is staged at the historic Bristol Courthouse on High Street and opens with a preview show this Friday, November 18th.  From the ticket brochure:

“… Jean Racine’s riotous rhyming verse romp provides ample opportunity for disorder in the court, ambling iambically from the sacred to the profane.  Few escape the writers’ comic wrath as translator Richard Wilbur aids in hazing both the legal profession and the lawsuit-happy litigants who keep the judges well bribed, the lawyers well heeled, and the audience, well, in stitches!”

Performances run through December 18th; for more details visit our Theatre page or go directly to 2nd Story’s websiteNote: this Saturday, November 19th, 2nd Story is partnering with Mosaico CDC for a 7pm reception followed by an 8pm performance; all proceeds benefit Mosaico’s programs (call 253-4627 for more information).

Rounding out this weekend’s opening nights is Roger Williams University Theatre’s debut of an original play, “Come You Back” written and directed by Peter Wright.  The play is about “the emotional struggle for independence in Northern Ireland, its fierce loyalties, costs and losses, as seen through the eyes of a Donegal family during the winter of 1972 and the events of Bloody Sunday.”  The production opens Friday, November 18th with performances running through December 3rd; for more details visit our Theatre page or go directly to the RWU Theatre Company’s website.

Break a leg, everyone!

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