Time for a Good Story

Our basket full of holiday picture books is one of my most favorite Christmas decorations.  Each night my kids take turns choosing a book for us all to enjoy together, even though my eldest has begun to roll his eyes over this family tradition.  I did the same to my dad, as a bored teenage girl scoffing at our annual Christmas Eve reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  But you know what?  Now I look back on those nights fondly, all of us squashed together on the sofa, my dad reading to me and my brother with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes, no matter how old we were or how much grief we gave him.  It pains me not even a little to admit that I hide that title until Christmas Eve, saving the best for last to enjoy with my own little kiddos before they snuggle down to sleep on December 24th each year.

This week we have two more chances to enjoy a good story-

First, on Tuesday, December 6th at 6:30pm at the George Hail Free Library in Warren, Living Literature present their holiday 2011 show, “A Christmas Story”.  This two person, 40-minute version of Jean Shepherd’s “Duel in the Snow, or Red Rider Nails the Cleveland Street Kid”, on which the 1983 classic movie, “A Christmas Story” was based, relates the comic tale of the mid-western, Depression-era child who yearns for an official Red Ryder air rifle for Christmas.  This free program takes place on the main floor of the library; click here for more information.

Then, on Thursday, December 8th at 5pm the Rogers Free Library in Bristol is hosting an all ages, community read-aloud of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  Beginning at 4:30pm there will be refreshments offered as readers and listeners gather, then the read-aloud will begin at 5pm and go until … it ends!  If you would like to be a reader please contact Charlotte Burnham (253-6948) for details.  This free program takes place in the Herreshoff Community Meeting Room on the lower level of the library.

Do you have a favorite Christmas story?

4 thoughts on “Time for a Good Story”

  1. Um – Mr. Willowby’s Christmas tree! So happy to see that in the front of your basket too! Also, Mortimer’s Christmas Manger, which we just read last night. To give each Christmas book its own night to shine in our house, I wrap up 24 books in late November and then we pick one out each night starting December 1 and unwrap it and read it. (This year there is a lot of strategy in choosing, as they are trying to find their most favorites first.) As the pile of books shrinks, we know it is getting closer to Christmas – and the remaining books are an easy way to count the number of days remaining!

    1. yes, Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree is my fav! I love your wrapped-Christmas-book tradition, and it’s a creative take on a countdown calendar (like an Advent calendar?), too! Great idea 🙂

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