The Kickemuit Middle School Music Department is proud to announce the names of their students who were selected to perform with the Rhode Island All State Performing Ensembles this year:

Alexandra Brassard, soprano, Junior All State Mixed Chorus                                   Brendan Conley, trumpet (1st Chair), Junior All State Concert Band                      Michael Contente, snare drum, Junior All State Orchestra                                         Brittany Foster, alto, Junior All State Mixed Chorus                                                   Elizabeth Hennen, baritone saxophone, Junior All State Concert Band                            Laura Iacono, flute, Junior All State Concert Band                                                           Rose Pansa, alto, Junior All State Mixed Chorus                                                                  Sarah Slusarski, soprano, Junior All State Treble Chorus                                              Jordan Sousa, alto, Junior All State Treble Chorus

Students who auditioned for the ensembles had to demonstrate a rigorous repertoire of solos, scales, and sight-reading skills.  These students from Bristol-Warren, along with their counterparts across the state, will rehearse and perform in the RI All State Junior Division Festival during the weekend of March 23 – 24, with a culminating concert at Veterans Memorial Auditorium on Sunday, March 25th.

The Arts Room happily congratulates all our young musicians and singers!  Our thanks to Missy Labonte for sharing this good news.

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