The Last Chapter

A Novel Idea Booksellers on State Street in Bristol

from A Novel Idea Booksellers’ Sue Woodman,

“My fellow book lovers…   I’m sure you’ve all read a book that is so enjoyable that you never want it to come to an end but it does.   As with these great books coming to an end,  A Novel  Idea Booksellers will be closing its storefront on Friday, December 30th.

I’d like to thank all of the wonderful people who worked at the store over the years.  Megan, Richard, Mel, Molly, and Tara.  A special mention must be made to Liza who consistently gave our valued customers the best customer service and always with a smile. I could always rely on you and you have become an amazing bookseller! A particular expression of appreciation goes to Jane who was one of my first customers  and has become a dear friend. You were always there to listen to my “ideas du jour”, random thoughts, ramblings and to share a laugh with.  Thanks for all your help with our author events and of course your amazing gift-wrapping talents!  I hope you enjoyed this adventure as much as I did.

And I must thank my faithful canine companions, Maxi and Charlie Dickens who were great company at the store on those long days but not really great workers.  And how could I ever thank enough the best feline  “greeter” any bookstore ever had.  TJ was such a customer favorite that she had her own “fan club” that came in just to see her!  To all her fan club members, TJ is doing great enjoying her retirement and her new hobby of birdwatching.

I’d also like to thank my parents for their loving support and for encouraging reading when I was a child. Those Nancy Drew mysteries were the best!  I’m proud to have you as my parents and I hope I’ve made you proud also.   When I first became an independent bookseller in 2005, one of my goals was to “make a difference” and change people’s lives through the “power” of books and reading. I have been so fortunate to have been involved in numerous author events, school reading programs, and worked with local non-profits  to raise funds for their worthwhile causes.   I have seen children born in our community who received their first board book from A Novel Idea and are now avid readers reading on their own.  I have also seen children who were once reluctant readers who finally find the right book and now can’t wait to get the next book in their favorite series.

So as I head off for my next adventure I wish all of you a new year filled with peace, love and happiness.  I would like to think that somehow I did make a difference.  I do know one thing for sure though.   The life that changed the most was mine.  YOU have all made a difference in my life and I will treasure these memories forever.”


The Arts Room is sad to see our local bookstore close, but grateful to Sue Woodman for sharing her love of books and reading with us through A Novel Idea over these past several years!  We have no doubt that the bookstore made a difference in our local community; personally, in the last week before Christmas, I discovered a marvelous new book for my children – The Man in the Moon by William Joyce – that I might never have known about had I not stopped into the shop for some last minute holiday shopping.  It’s a particular joy to notice a beautiful book on a shelf, pick it up and begin to read through it, and somewhere along the way fall in love with the story.  I offer my heartfelt thanks to Ms. Woodman and wish her well on her next adventure.

This week there are some REALLY great deals to clear out the store’s entire inventory. EVERYTHING in the store is 50% off this week!  Other items (tables, linens, decorations, office equipment, etc.) are also for sale.  Stop in early for the best selection!  The store will be open from 3pm ’til 6pm on Tuesday, December 27th through Friday, December 30th.

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