Making the Most of Your Visit

I continue to marvel at our great good fortune, to be living in an area that has so much to offer in the way of artful (or arts-filled?) ways to spend our time.  If you’ve come to The Arts Room looking for something to do this weekend, you’re in luck!  Read our blog posts to stay current on the latest arts-related happenings in Bristol and Warren, but don’t stop there.  To make the most of your visit, look through The Arts Room pages as well – accessed via the tabs at the top of this page: Dance, Music, Story, Theatre, and Visual Arts.  This is where you’ll find more information about current and upcoming arts events in our community – take this weekend, for example:

●If you explore our Visual Arts page, you’ll see that IMAGO is hosting an artists’ reception on Friday, and Linden Place is offering an appealing children’s workshop in African art on Saturday.

●Visit our Theatre page and find out what play is being performed in the Barn at Roger Williams University this weekend.  You’ll also see that Bristol Parks & Recreation is sponsoring a trip next week to PPAC to see a smash hit – you don’t want to miss out!

●Over on our Story page you’ll discover there are a couple of highly regarded movies showing at our local libraries this weekend.  A kids’ favorite in Bristol, an adult favorite in Warren, and both on the same day … decisions, decisions.

●A click or two into our Music page and you’ll learn who’s headlining Open Mic Night this Friday in Warren.  There’s also an excellent (and free!) concert at the college on Sunday afternoon – especially good news if you’re looking for a brief escape from all the tailgating chaos of the day.

I can’t blog about every arts event in Bristol and Warren on The Arts Room – this would be a sisyphean undertaking – but I do try to keep the pages updated, including links to all the information you’ll need.  In this way, The Arts Room serves as an “arts hub” for Bristol and Warren.  So make the most of it – visit often, bookmark us, “follow” us, subscribe, and remember to peruse the pages when you’re wondering what’s happening with the arts in Bristol and Warren.  And if you know about an upcoming arts event and you don’t see it mentioned on The Arts Room, please visit our Contact Us page, and drop me a line!

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