Worth a Look

The artwork that makes up this year’s MHHS Student Art Show is simply wonderful!  Last night I got a first look at the exhibit, on the upper level of Rogers Free Library in Bristol and next door in the window at Nunes Insurance Agency, and I’m so glad I went.  I started with the Nunes’ window, a display of drawings, photographs, and other artworks, and the setting for the “Stories in Clay” project funded through a grant from the Bristol Warren Education Foundation.  Here are a few clay characters that really caught my eye:


But this was just the beginning.  Upstairs in the library, there are so many exceptional pieces to linger over!  A delightful paisley tile which is part of a larger ceramic style study, a captivating photograph that reveals the view through layered windows and glass-paned doors, two deceptively whimsical political cartoons that really draw you in, a trio of nautical photos manipulated with Photoshop to stunning effect, and much, much more.

My children had too much homework last night, so I’ll be heading back with them at some point this April so they can take their time and be inspired by the artworks.  I look forward to finding out which pieces draw them in!  Bravo, Mt. Hope High School art students and art teachers!

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