Baby Uh-Oh

I’ll admit, I am concerned about the generation of iBabies.  Are you?  Someday (on my long list of somedays) I’ll write a post about this, but for today, here’s something to get you thinking

“One of the issues with “online learning” is the ever-growing abundance of hyperlinks on webpages.  Sites are encouraged, in fact, to fill their text with external links as it raises their search engine indices.  However, the convention of linking diverse sources disrupts the temporal linearity of any textual thought.  Each link serves as its own digression to another topic, and so the wholeness of an otherwise cogent text becomes fundamentally fragmented.  Replete with blue underlined phrases, Wikipedia is so successful because of its relatively concise presentation of a general topic, with plenty of opportunities (links) for tangential discovery.  However, research confirms that, although web-based learning increases students’ ability to “multitask,” it diminishes their capacity to think abstractly and creatively.”

You can read the full text by clicking here (no irony intended).

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