ART Night, Season Two!

ART Night

ART Night returns this week, and not a moment too soon!  We are visual creatures, and I am looking forward to this chance to restore some visual balance to my mind, to feast my eyes on art that will lift me up, soothe and delight…

On Thursday, April 25th from 5pm ’til 9pm, Art Night opens its second season with a stand-out roster of talented artists.

a glimpse of an air sculpture by Janice Lee Kelly, 2012
a glimpse of an air sculpture by Janice Lee Kelly, 2012

If you haven’t done ART Night before, then you don’t want to miss this opening night.  And, if you’ve been waiting for a chance to bring your kids to ART Night, then you’re in luck!  Air sculptor Janice Lee Kelly is one of four featured Open Studio artists this month – her surprising sculptures are spectacular in person, and the chance to peek inside her studio is something you and your children will remember for a long time…

Cut-paper artist Robert Pillsbury is also opening his studio for ART Night on Thursday.  I am very excited about this.  I first saw his work hanging on a wall at the Rogers Free Library, part of a Bristol Art Museum exhibit, I think.  It stopped me in my tracks, quite literally.  I remember thinking, someday I will own a Robert Pillsbury.  Maybe ‘someday’ will be Thursday…

©Oliveira Textiles, 2013
©Oliveira Textiles, 2013

A third featured Open Studio artist to get excited about this month is textile designer Dawn Oliveira.  Her organic, ocean-inspired textile designs are like nothing you’ve ever seen, innovative, soothing and gorgeous!  You’ll definitely want to visit her studio with your older children and teens to talk with Dawn about her passion for sustainable design.  And, when you see the belts and clutches and sunhats she makes with remnants from her larger projects (no waste!), you might be inspired to drop a subtle hint for a sweet Mother’s Day gift…

And there’s more!  Rounding out this month’s featured Open Studio artists is sculptor Allison Newsome.  I haven’t yet seen her work in person, which gives me that exhilarating feeling that I might find something new and wonderful.  And I MUST visit The Knotty Dog in Bristol, to see Ed King’s breathtaking photography up close and in person for the first time!  And, artist Jay Egge will be giving a live demonstration of working with pastels at Alta Luna Gallery, also in Bristol.  In Warren, IMAGO Foundation for the Arts’ beautiful gallery space is filled with the work of member artists and guest artists, and it’s right next door to 2nd Story Theatre, which is hosting a special dress rehearsal of their newest production, “The Rose Tattoo” by Tennessee Williams, with ticket proceeds benefiting the Bristol Warren Education Foundation.  What a night this could be!  ART Night AND 2nd Story Theatre! ***Please take note, the play contains adult themes and is intended for mature audiences.

For a complete itinerary of Open Studios, gallery events, roaming performances and special perks –  visit the ART Night website!

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