The Arts Room in Bristol & Warren, RI is all about bringing together our families, our schools, and the arts community.  Created by a local mother of two school-age children, The Arts Room seeks to encourage, strengthen, and protect the arts in our schools by kindling a collaborative energy among parents, educators, and local arts professionals.

“We are so fortunate to live in a community rich in creative resources in the visual arts, in theater, and in music, dance, and story.” says Kristen Quinn, writer, designer, and founder of The Arts Room.  “Sometimes there’s so much going on in Bristol and in Warren, it’s hard to keep track of it all!”  First conceived as a space where parents could brainstorm ways to bring more arts experiences to their children’s schools, the focus of The Arts Room quickly expanded to make the most of the connections among home, school, and community.

“The Arts Room is about bringing it all together, so we can enjoy more arts experiences with our families, bring more arts opportunities to our children in school, and help build audiences and support for our local arts professionals.”

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in Bristol & Warren, Rhode Island

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