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Something New

Something new is coming to Bristol, landing at Redlefsen’s restaurant on Thames Street on Tuesday, October 23rd …

“Charlie Hall’s DRINK and DABBLE (Rhode Island’s Traveling Art Party)  is a brand new event where people gather to sip cocktails and try their hand at re-creating a chosen painting under the guidance of talented RISD grad (and comic) Charlie Hall. And the best thing: NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! That’s right- the only rules are to have fun, enjoy a drink or three, listen to some great party music, and take home the canvas that you designed.”

These popular events are springing up around the country, and The Arts Room is thrilled that Charlie Hall is bringing his moveable feast to our community!  I’m thinking this would make a great date night, or girls’ night out  (or birthday party, or anniversary celebration, or…) Everything is supplied (paints, canvas, etc. – even apron!) but they would like you to reserve your spot in advance – so visit their website to find out more!

The fun begins at 6:30pm on Tuesday, October 23rd at Redlefsen’s restaurant, 444 Thames Street in Bristol.  Don’t miss out!

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