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Hugh Cole School Productions

Hugh Cole School ProductionsI loved reading this article and learning more about the film & media work going on at Bristol-Warren’s Hugh Cole Elementary School.  Too often, exceptional and creative learning opportunities in or after school are dependent on the parents who come up with them and put in the volunteer hours to keep them going, and when those parents move on, the programs fall apart.  This is not a slam – the current trend in expectations-from-above is laying claim to every minute of teachers’ and principals’ time in school.  That’s why this program stands out – it has grown and evolved over the years, and seems to have lasted in spite of the inevitable departure of its parent-creator, Katie Reaves.  I often wonder, when I read about excellent programs like this one, how might they be expanded to other schools?  I think we could learn a lot from Katie Reaves and the Hugh Cole educators who have embraced this program.

“Children who participate become knowledgeable about the messages they are daily bombarded with. It allows students to deconstruct them so they become critical and analytic consumers. They know the tricks of the trade, so they are not at the mercy of the media. If they can watch it and play with it, they are also able to know how to work and create with it.” -Katie Reaves

Read the full article here: “When Children Make Media: A Visit to the Hugh Cole School” by Marketa Zezulkova

(make it a) Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you’re traveling or staying close to home, hosting or visiting family & friends, The Arts Room wishes you and yours a happy Thanksgiving!  For your enjoyment, here’s a quirky little Pinterest board full of ideas to celebrate this week’s holiday…

13 Minutes

WHOA!  Wow.

Do you have 13 minutes?  You’re going to want to watch this video.

and, Dr. Sugata Mitra is my new rock star 🙂

The arts in our schools are crucial to the transformation of education (in part, because the arts & technology go hand in hand!).  What did you think of the message in this video?  How do you think we can transform education for the better? 

Learning Through the Lens

Check out this AWESOME video by the Ghetto Film School (another advocate of transforming education – yes!), “Creativity is the Future of Education”…

How can we bring innovative programs like this to our local schoolchildren?  Our children learn how to build basic slideshow presentations in school … imagine if we start letting them explore creating videos and film-making, instead?

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Roving Eye Film Festival, 2012

FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) and Roger Williams University (RWU) are proud to present the 7th annual Roving Eye International Film Festival™. The popular and acclaimed event, celebrating global cinema and artists, will take place Sunday, April 22nd thru Thursday, April 26th, where more than 30 international films will be showcased, many United States premieres. All screenings are free of charge and open to the public. Screenings will take place on the campus of Roger Williams University at the Global Heritage Hall in Bristol, R.I.

The 7th annual Roving Eye International Film Festival will cover themes ripped from the headlines: returning veterans from the War on Terror; facing PTSD and mental stress; global human rights, international relations and issues addressing sustainability and ecology. This year’s Festival will also include Latin-American, Asian and an international film showcase.

Click here to learn more and to access the full schedule of events.

The 2012 Roving Eye International Film Festival is sponsored by The Providence Journal, the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities (RICH) an independent affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Roger Williams University Office of the Provost; the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences; the RWU Department of Communications, and the RWU Department of Psychology.