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Happy Dot Day, Everyone!

copyright Peter H. Reynolds/Fablevision

Today is International Dot Day, inspired by the best-selling book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, one of our most beloved children’s book author/illustrators.  This book continues to top my list of Best Picture Books to Give Kids, and if you’re not yet familiar with it, then today’s the day to get in the know!  The Dot is the story of a young girl who thinks she can’t draw, and the teacher who shows her the ability that lies within her (and within us all, of course) if she’ll just give herself a chance.  It’s about considering the way we look at things, shifting our perspectives, and believing in ourselves and in those around us (I especially love the end of the book!). 

So, to celebrate International Dot Day you can hightail it up to The Blue Bunny Books & Toys in Dedham, Massachusetts (an outing very much worth the trip, if you’ve got the time) or you can celebrate here at home with your family.  Read the story with your kids, create your own Dot artwork and paper your walls with your very own Dot art exhibit.  Suggest it to your children’s teacher, or better yet, bring it in and read aloud to the class, and inspire even more kids to Make Their Mark!

The Dot is available at the Rogers Free Library in Bristol and by request through the Ocean State Libraries online system.  You can also look for it at A Novel Idea Booksellers on State Street in Bristol, and if they don’t have it in stock they can order it for you. 

Teachers take note – Peter H. Reynolds is also the founder of Fablevision, an educational media company “on a mission to make every classroom a center of innovation and creativity.”  Click the link above, and check out the Fablevision Learning website to find out more.

sometimes an invitation gets you through the door

I don’t know how I missed this little gem, from one of my family’s most adored children’s book author/illustrators, Peter Reynolds.  But now that I’ve found it, I couldn’t wait to share it with you, because sometimes we just need permission to let our inner artist join the pARTy! 

click the link to read Peter’s invitation: The Stellar Cafe: You’re Invited! 

‘North Star’ artwork on this web site copyright by Peter H. Reynolds/ FableVision