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Do What You Love.

Read this today in the New York Times:

“But is “do what you love” wisdom or malarkey?” -Gordon Marino

It’s wisdom.  Not malarkey.  In case you weren’t sure.  Maybe you can’t do what you love straight out of high school, or maybe you can, but “do what you love” should be the eventual goal.  No one should be counseling kids to find whatever awful, miserable job they can in order to eke out a horrible existence until they die.  What rubbish!  Possibly some people have not properly explained the full meaning of “do what you love” to today’s teenagers, and boo to them, then, (spoiler: it’s not always easy, and it’s definitely not about the hedonistic pursuit of pleasure) but my goodness, shouldn’t we be urging our children to spend some time figuring out what lights them up, and then helping them find a way to pursue that, in college or apprenticeship or vocation, so that they may fulfill their potential and contribute something marvelous to this world and live a life of meaning and contentment?  Isn’t that the dream we have for our children (and ourselves) and isn’t it worth striving for?

The full opinion essay can be read here: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/05/17/a-life-beyond-do-what-you-love

Note: I am including the actual weblink b/c of a recent awful personal experience with “clicking links” … please copy & paste into your browser to read the full essay.


Something Worth Fighting For

I must share this:

“Unfortunately, in one way or another the world is going to tell you every day that you shouldn’t try to be an artist. But for three minutes here today, I want to tell you that you should. I hope you do it. With everything you have.” ~Blake Morgan

Read the full essay on Huffington Post’s The Third Metric – Redefining Success Beyond Money and Power, “Art and Music are Professions Worth Fighting For”.

Bookmark it.  Share it on Facebook.  Tweet about it.  Refer to it in conversations with school committee officials and policy wonks, businesspeople and community leaders.  Print it out and bring it to your holiday family dinners, to have at-the-ready!  And please, share it with your kids.

Many thanks, C.B., for reading so much and sharing the good stuff!


Baby Uh-Oh

I’ll admit, I am concerned about the generation of iBabies.  Are you?  Someday (on my long list of somedays) I’ll write a post about this, but for today, here’s something to get you thinking

“One of the issues with “online learning” is the ever-growing abundance of hyperlinks on webpages.  Sites are encouraged, in fact, to fill their text with external links as it raises their search engine indices.  However, the convention of linking diverse sources disrupts the temporal linearity of any textual thought.  Each link serves as its own digression to another topic, and so the wholeness of an otherwise cogent text becomes fundamentally fragmented.  Replete with blue underlined phrases, Wikipedia is so successful because of its relatively concise presentation of a general topic, with plenty of opportunities (links) for tangential discovery.  However, research confirms that, although web-based learning increases students’ ability to “multitask,” it diminishes their capacity to think abstractly and creatively.”

You can read the full text by clicking here (no irony intended).

Craving Creativity

I know my kids wish their classes involved more creativity.  And so do I!

So, here’s a short video of a TEDx talk given in 2011 by a man named Mark Slavkin, on a topic I find interesting (to put it mildly), the transformation of education via creativity:

In this talk Mr. Slavkin mentions a creativity index for schools, being designed and developed in Massachusetts.  Anyone know more about this?  There was a bit of commentary in the news and on blogs about a year ago … some that even mentioned Rhode Island was starting a conversation about doing something similar … what’s the latest news on that front, I wonder?

How do you think our local schools are doing in providing our children with opportunities for creativity?